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You know war is coming, it’s on your doorstep.

You only have a few minutes to pack and run.

What would you take with you?

Belongings is a project that examines this question by documenting the people of Ukraine who found themselves fleeing their homes due to the war, and the objects they hold dear in this journey.


The ongoing war in Ukraine has already caused millions of people to lose their homes and changed their lives completely. According to UN and IOM, over 8 millions of people are internally displaced in Ukraine and almost 8 million registered as refugees in Europe alone.

While this situation develops for more than a year now, the global media audience is becoming indifferent and not as reactive as in the beginning. While people affected by this war still suffer – both on the outside and on the inside.

Israeli multimedia social-artist Rom Barnea and his team had documented over 80 women, children and men who found shelter in Poland and Israel.

Belongings was premiered in an interactive, performative exhibition in Old Jaffa, Israel in late 2022 and is set to be presented in various locations in 2023.

Jegor and Tygr. Both fled Mariupol to Warsaw

Margarita, fled Kamianske "I took the clown's nose with me, because I was sure that it would come in handy".

Mariana, from Lviv – "This is my most valuable. Everything else didn't matter, it was just things. The most valuable things we can pack in 1 backpack"

Ella, film producer from Kyiv. Chose to bring her notebook with her

Lesya, carrying her passport and A Ukrainian flag given to her by her sister

Nataliia, 59, Irpin "so I looked around and made the decision just to take the most essential things I could not live without. I packed everything in this little bag and a rucksack".

Maria, Mariupol – "you also have a constant feeling that you are not good enough. You want to take a coffee, and a cake and then a thought comes through your mind: “Well, here I want a cake, but there people are hiding in basements, they have no food, no water and no medicines. How could you even dream  about coffee?”

Oleksiey, 8 pointing at a handmade self-created play book that he has prepared for his journey

Anna, 9, holding her favorite pillow

Natalka holding her cherished easter eggs

Irina holding one of 12 cats she rescued from Ukraine

Julia holding the only belongings she and her sister managed to bring with them. the two sisters hid in a basement for over a month, for fear of Russian aggression.

Anna, 9, Fled from Kyiv. Took her self sewn toys with her

Maria’s three “divorce” rings. Maria fled from Mariupol

Ella’s notebook.

Natalia, Kyiv – "The drawing with the image of my future child on the background of the Ukrainian flag – its very touching and symbolic. This image was drawn by the daughter of my sister before my departure from Ukraine".

Oksana, Kiyv – "These are memories about my kids. I can't say why these bracelets are so important to me. Because kids are the most important. These are the first things that were on them after their birth".

Oleksiey, 8 holding his handmade self-created play book

Valeriya, 7, with her fox

Juan Gabriel. Israeli-Peruvian medical clown volunteering at a humanitarian aid center near the Polish-Ukrainian border

Alexandra, Katya and "Pingui"

Angelika and Oksana, both fled Ukraine and recently arrived in Warsaw


Amongst hypermedia, graphs and reports, Belongings places individuals who have been displaced, and the objects they bear with them in the foreground.

Seeking out remains over ruins, Belongings constructs a vernacular perspective to the experience of migrating and belonging, through the minor possessions that have been carried on the exodus. Belongings frames the personal anchors thrown desperately into the open sea of displacement.

Belongings aims to amplify personal voices from within the current crisis, enabling refugees' innermost perspectives to aid us, the viewers, better understand their experience, current position, aspirations and inner conflicts; and to them – our participants – a way of expression. A platform to speak out. 

Belongings Exhibition in Old Jaffa, Israel. It was supported by The Polish Institute in Tel Aviv and Embassy of Ukraine in Israel. Proceeds were donated to NATAN Worldwide Disaster Relief

About the artist:

Julia Maria Koszewska

Natalka Dovha

Tasha Karlyuka