Artist statement

I’m in love with the Dead Sea and have been documenting its demise for years.

What’s the story here?

It all takes place between the kingdom of Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and Israel.

A handful of privately / family owned companies are granted access to a pristine, unique piece of our earth.

These companies have been exploiting this natural gem for decades. Cutting out the dead sea’s fresh water supply from the Jordan river and excavating every mineral and resource they can for the sake of profit. 

Extractivism at its finest.

The Dead Sea is drying up at a rate of more than 1 meter each year. 

Sinkholes, canyons and receding beaches are created along the seas' death path. They are mesmerising to look at but tell a tragic story.


This photography collection sets out to right some of the wrong.

I will not be quiet and sit still while a region that I love is dying. 

The sea is sinking

The sea is drowning

Will you do something about it? 

Rom Barnea

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